zkML Starknet Workshop: Build your Neural Network in Cairo with Orion

#zkML Starknet Workshop: Build your Neural Network in Cairo with Orion

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For Registration: 

🖥 Workshop Details: In this workshop, under the guidance of Raphael Doukhan, you will learn how to create your Neural Network in Cairo using Orion. 

​🗓 Date & Time: Join us on October 1, 2023, at 19:00 (European Time).

​ 💻 Platform: Zoom 

​ 💡 Your Commitment: Participation and engagement are crucial to gain valuable insights from this workshop. Participants will be receive NFTs / POAPs.

​🔗 Why Should You Attend?: Giza, with verifiable ML, permits models to generate cryptographic proofs of the integrity of their operations, performance, and provenance. This empowers end-users to verify that a specific output was produced by a certain model, providing trust guarantees to all downstream applications.

​Beyond the foreseeable use-cases in public policy, healthcare, and finance where ML-driven decisions demand verifiability, accountability, and attribution, verifiability is the key to unlocking the utility of machine learning in broad public settings due to its ability to establish trust and accountability.

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​Kayıt: https://lu.ma/starkhub