Game Development on Solana Deep Dive

#Game Development on Solana Deep Dive

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Game Development on Solana Deep Dive

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Deadline: January 13th, 2023

About the Bounty

The gaming industry in Turkey has experienced rapid growth and is home to many successful game development studios and independent developers. The domestic market for games in Turkey was valued at $1.5 billion in 2020, showing significant growth from previous years. These developers produce a variety of games for various platforms, including mobile, PC, and console, ranging from casual and social games to more immersive experiences.

We are sponsoring a bounty to provide detailed guidance to game developers on how to start and progress with developing blockchain games using Solana through a comprehensive Deep Dive blog.


Your Mission:  Become an expert on Solana in the gaming industry and summarize your findings in a written essay.

   - Highlight how blockchain technology can be used in game development.

   - Give some examples or well known Solana game projects, feel free to share new ideas to help game developers.

   - Research the tools, APIs, and other helpful resources needed for game development on Solana. Highlight which technologies are needed in addition to existing game technologies.

   - Deep dive and explain the tools and facilities developed by Solana for the gaming industry

You're welcome to write this review individually or in teams of 2. Bounties will be split among team members.


 First Prize

$700 USDC

Membership in Superteam Turkey

 Second Prize

$200 USDC

Membership in Superteam Turkey

 Third Prize

$100 USDC

Membership in Superteam Turkey

Evaluation Criteria


Did you discuss how Solana & blockchain technologies are used in the gaming industry?

Did you mention the tools required for building a game project on Solana?

Did you mention the tools and facilities developed by Solana for the gaming industry?

Did you include a section that how can a person new to web3 game industry follow a learning strategy?

Does your article contain information about games developed with Solana(especially in Turkey)?

Did you suggest some game development ideas?

Is your essay the one-stop resource for people to get up to speed with blockchain gaming on Solana?

Writing Style

Did you write a compelling introduction and a satisfying conclusion?

Is your writing easy and fun to read?

Did you avoid overly complex jargon?

Did you explain concepts in a way a person new to crypto could understand?

Submission Requirements

Did you write your essay in English?

Is your submission at least 1,000 words? Note that typical bounty winners are ~2,000 words.

Did you submit before the deadline? Note: there will be no deadline extensions.

Did you include links to your sources under the title “References”? If you have used external sources and no references are included, your bounty could be rejected on grounds of plagiarism.

Share your submission on Twitter & tag @SuperteamTR & use the hashtag #Superteambounty and submit this link in your bounty application.

Check out previous bounty winners to get a sense of the quality we expect.


Solana Games Kit

Solana website

Bounty Program FAQ

⭐ Superteam’s guidelines on how to write a great deep dive essay

For any questions, DM @superteamTR on Twitter

Send Us Your Bounty Submission 

Participation in this bounty is entirely voluntary. Bounties are a way to learn and dabble in opportunities to build in web3. These are neither full time jobs nor project based engagement.  Please be advised that the sponsors will not have time for individualized feedback due to the number of entries we receive. Please check out Superteam Terms of Engagement

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