Trader Joe’s Arbitrum Adventure

#Trader Joe’s Arbitrum Adventure

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Join Trader Joe on an epic adventure through Arbitrum’s DeFi ecosystem, with the potential to win $15,000 in prizes and limited edition NFTs

Welcome to Trader Joe’s Arbitrum Adventure

Trader Joe is excited to announce the launch of Trader Joe's Arbitrum Adventure, a campaign in partnership with 13 leading Arbitrum DeFi protocols focused on enabling participants to discover and learn about new DeFi protocols while earning rewards.

With over $15,000 in prizes up for grabs, including various rewards from ecosystem partners, this collaborative campaign will serve as a fun and exciting way to get exposure to new communities and learn about Arbitrum’s leading DeFi protocols. Over the next three weeks, get ready to blast off on an exciting journey with Trader Joe and earn the opportunity to take home some huge rewards!

Campaign Timeline:

  • Campaign Launch in Trader Joe’s Discord: Jan 27th

  • Community Discord AMA: Jan 27th, 8pm GMT

  • Campaign Phases: 

    • Phase 1: Jan 27th

    • Phase 2: Feb 3rd

    • Phase 3: Feb 10th