WEB3 Social Hackathon 2023

#WEB3 Social Hackathon 2023

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Rebuilding the Future

A new digital world is on the horizon. A decentralized, censorship-resistant future where users take back control of their identity and social data. Are you ready to build the future of Web3 and social networking?

We’ve collaborated with partners across the BNB Chain ecosystem to make it possible! Connected 2023 will provide you with plenty of tools to take your Web3 social ideas from concepts to fully-fledged projects in the next month.

Build decentralized social networks with org CyberConnect

Build scalable decentralized dApps with org BNB Chain

Implement notifications and cross-chain messaging in your dApp with org Notifi

Add encryption, access control, and automation for the open web with org Lit Protocol

Build Web3 video dApps with org Livepeer

Implement secure messaging with org XMTP