Intro to Blockchain Development/ WinPrize : 75$ cUSD

#Intro to Blockchain Development/ WinPrize : 75$ cUSD

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Etkinlik Dili :  İngilizce

Etkinlik Türü : Workshoop

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Etkinlik Zamanı : Time zone'dan ötürü hatalı olabilir discord grubundan teyit alabilirsiniz.

This workshop is hosted by On Dacade, you can earn rewards for learning blockchain development! Earn $75 cUSD for learning how to build your first blockchain development by making a successful Celo Development 101 submission!


  • You should have access to a desktop computer.
  • This workshop is for people with development experience, you should be comfortable with programming in Javascript (1 year + experience).
  • You should already know some basic blockchain concepts, if you don't we encourage you to do the free Celo Blockchain 101 (Intro) course on
  • Speak fluent English.

Learning Objective

You will learn:

  • How to write Blockchain code (Smart contract) in the most popular language Solidity.
  • How Blockchain technology can be used to build decentralized applications (Dapps) with Celo.

Pre-Event Instructions

Before the workshop, please complete the steps below, so that you can get started right away:

Join our discord server if you have any questions.