Blockchain for decision makers and non-techies: A free webinar

#Blockchain for decision makers and non-techies: A free webinar

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Curious about blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and related concepts? Learn more on our exclusive webinar for decision makers!

Note: This is a pre-recorded webinar. Participants will receive the link, right before the webinar starts.

Everyone keeps hearing about those terms: blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, ,cryptocurrencies, Layer1, Layer 2. But what do they really mean?

Join us on this exclusive free webinar, during which Dr Marcel will demystify many of those buzzwords and explain the transformational potential of blockchain.

Who should attend?

  • Innovation managers
  • Founders
  • Strategic decision-makers
  • Engineering leaders

About the speaker

Dr. Marcel Müller

Marcel Müller is a German deep tech entrepreneur, researcher, and consultant. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science on engineering methods to create trust-aware business processes with distributed ledger technologies and authored more than a dozen peer-reviewed scientific publications. Marcel has worked on enterprise blockchain projects in supply chain management, energy, and finance and is the founder of KnowledgeX. The startup helps businesses connect their data across company boundaries.

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This event is organised by the Tesseract Academy. We help decision makers understand data science, AI and blockchain.

'' Designed by experts, for non experts''

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