TEN Investor Hot Topics: 8 Golden Rules for Blockchain Investors

#TEN Investor Hot Topics: 8 Golden Rules for Blockchain Investors

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Blockchains are by far the most important topic that investors must understand to make educated decisions in 2023. Decentralized software solutions – blockchain being the most prominent example - are massively changing the business landscape, and in the process are invalidating many of the extractive business practices of the legacy financial system, as well as other middlemen. However, the public perception of these topics is warped by motivating reasoning and advertising copy. This webinar does away with all the jargon and debunks the myths surrounding 'crypto', bitcoin, decentralized finance, and NFTs.

Join TEN Capital Network and Chris Kameir of Sustany Capital to learn everything you need to know about blockchains.

About Christian Kameir

Before accepting the role of COO at a California venture fund in 2000, Mr. Kameir lead the merger of two of Europe's first Internet service providers as general counsel for NIKOMA, today part of Europe's largest ISP Tiscali. After founding Yelp-predecessor Colizer in 2004, and selling the operation, Chris joined the board of several technology companies. He is a guest lecturer at several California business schools and an official member of the Forbes Finance Council. In addition to majoring in business, Chris is certified in NLP and a graduate of Muenster's School of Law.

About Sustany Capital

Sustany Capital is a thesis-driven investment firm, employing a first principles approach and the rigor of the scientific method to investments in technologies positioned to reshape the foundation of the internet and global economic activity.

Having invested in emerging technologies since 1999, the Managing Partners started researching investment opportunities in the blockchain space in 2014. After four years of thesis development and highly successful principal investments, Sustany’s Fund I was formally established in January 2018. Sustany’s second venture fund currently accepts a limited number of qualified investors.

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