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TC Grants DAO

The ETC GRANTS DAO (“EGD”) is a non-profit autonomous organization composed of Ethereum Classic enthusiasts, supporters, and developers, aiming to promote the growth of the ecosystem and long-term development of Ethereum Classic.


Our aim is to unite the ETC community to develop the Ethereum Classic PoW blockchain into the leading global smart-contract-based, public chain with high security, decentralization, immutability, and censorship resistance.


With Ethereum's migration to Proof of Stake, ETC remains a PoW chain that is more resistant to censorship and centralization with better security than PoS blockchains.


Proof of Work - EGD upholds the Bitcoin spirit and Proof of Work principles originated by Satoshi Nakamoto. As the infrastructure of the blockchain, the PoW-based Nakamoto Consensus mechanism has significant security, decentralization, and censorship resistance advantages over other consensus mechanisms like PoS.

Code Is Law - EGD believes in the principle of Code Is Law. This means that decentralized applications must be unstoppable, uncensorable, and immutable, so the system may be uncompromisable and uncapturable by special interests.

Transformative Technology - EGD believes that technology should serve humanity, blockchains should be useful, and a Turing-complete blockchain will benefit humanity. EGD will work with the community to build Ethereum Classic into a more secure world computer for humanity in the web3.0 era.

EGD Grants Program:

In July of 2022, BITMAIN and ANTPOOL announced that they were committing 10 million dollars for funding projects of the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. Half of that amount is being held in Tether (USDT) in a Safe multisig wallet ( 0xA208...E8D6 ) on the Ethereum mainnet and the other half was used to purchase $ETC in November of 2022, which is being held in a Safe multisig wallet ( 0x3db3...2f82 ) on the Ethereum Classic mainnet.

The ETC Cooperative will be contributing 250 thousand dollars to the EGD grants program as well.

How to Apply

First Round of EGD Grants Program

The goal of the first round of grants is to support developers who actively build applications and protocols on ETC , including scaling solutions,cross-chain bridges and lending protocols, etc., committing to the innovation and prosperity of the next-generation Ethereum Classic .

The application period of the grants will start from January 31st to April 30th, 2023. Decisions will be made this May, which will be announced and disbursed this June. The grants pool of the first round is $1 million worth of ETC.

Grants categories

Community Grants - Community grants apply to projects whose aim is to create community resources that benefit the ETC community by helping to spread knowledge and expertise and create connections among members.

Conversion Grants - These grants are available for teams who want to convert a project they created for an alternative blockchain to the ETC blockchain.

Standard Grants - Standard grants are for creating general blockchain ecosystem tools that are currently lacking in the ETC community.

Premium Grants - Premium Grants are available exclusively for successful and experienced development teams whose project requires more funding than the Standard Grant provides.