How to Apply to Hyperledger's Annual Paid Mentorship Program

#How to Apply to Hyperledger's Annual Paid Mentorship Program

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Every year Hyperledger runs a paid Mentorship Program to create a structured hands-on learning opportunity for new contributors. Each mentee will apply and be matched with a mentor or mentors who are active contributors in the Hyperledger community. Each mentee will work remotely from their location of choice.

This meetup will provide more details about the program, share details about this year's projects and explain how to apply. We'll also hear from previous Mentees about their experience and also hear from Mentors to learn more about what they're looking for in people who apply to the program.

More about the Mentorship Program is at:


  • Welcome to meetup (5min)
  • Overview of mentorship program and how to apply (10min)
  • Mentor panel -- Moderator: Bobbi Muscara and Panelists: Peter Somogyvari, Attila Klenik, Sean Young (20min)
  • Mentee panel -- Moderator: John Carpenter and Panelists: André Augusto, Micky Chan, Lucas Steuernagel (20min)
  • Other ways to get involved and gain experience (10min)
  • Q&A