Blockchain Trainer Program (GRUBA ÖZEL) (KAYIT ALINMAYACAKTIR)

#Blockchain Trainer Program (GRUBA ÖZEL) (KAYIT ALINMAYACAKTIR)

Etkinlik Açıklaması

Eğitim Adı: Blockchain Trainer Program (GRUBA ÖZEL) (KAYIT ALINMAYACAKTIR)

Eğitmen: Dr. Waqar Badshah

Koşul: En az bir programlama diline aşina olmak.

Tarih: 8-9 Mayıs

Yer: İstanbul BTC Sarı Lab.


  • Introduction to Blockchain:

  • Definition and history of Blockchain

  • Basic components of a Blockchain

  • Distributed ledger technology and consensus algorithms

  • Types of Blockchain: public, private, and hybrid

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Blockchain technology

  • Definition and history of smart contracts:

  • Programming languages for smart contracts

  • Ethereum and its role in smart contracts

  • Use cases of smart contracts in industries such as finance, supply

  • chain management, and real estate

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:

  • Definition and history of cryptocurrency:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets

  • Blockchain-based payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple,

  • etc.

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings

  • (STOs)

  • Real-world applications of Blockchain:

  • Supply chain management: traceability, transparency, and

  • efficiency

  • Identity management: privacy, security, and data protection

  • Voting systems: trust, immutability, and accessibility

  • Healthcare: patient data sharing and secure medical record-

  • keeping

  • Challenges and Future of Blockchain:

  • Scalability and performance issues of Blockchain technology

  • Regulatory challenges and legal frameworks

  • Interoperability and standardization

  • Blockchain in the future: potential impact on industries and

  • society.