Block Square #7 / By Kriptomeda

#Block Square #7 / By Kriptomeda

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Where Is Fintech Headed: The Blockchain Era

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13 April 2023, Tuesday - 16.00 - İstanbul Fişekhane (In Istanbul Fintech Week)

Block Square, previously named Crypto Square by Kriptomeda is here with its 6th edition. Participation is limited to 150 people only and is free.

In Block Square, which we will hold within the scope of Istanbul Fintech Week, the topics of "Where Is Fintech Headed: The Blockchain Era" will be moderated by Kıvılcım Harika Ertunç; we will discuss with the participation of EY Turkey Blockchain Desk Leader: Esra Özdemir, OK Group Global Government Relations Officer: Tim Byun, Mastercard Advisors, Principal Business Development Turkey & Azerbaijans: Mehmet Güler and you.

15:30 Welcome

16:00 Session start

17:30 Networking